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Our Sales and Customer Service Staff…

  • Identifies and reacts to customer needs.
  • Profiles each customer’s operations and needs. This information is used to develop a transportation plan.
  • Analyzes equipment needs, lanes, loading / unloading services and other elements in search for our customer’s transportation needs.
  • Attentively communicates with our customers and offers equipment / services according to their needs.

Our Fleet Management Staff …

  • Provides custom tailored transportation services to our customers.
  • Has a vision that is constantly focused on quality transportation designed to exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Considers the needs of our customers as well as the needs of our drivers and their families.
  • Maintains the integrity of our purpose – to serve our customers.

Our Management Information Systems Staff …

  • Provides accurate, real time information utilizing such tools as the IBM iSeries computer system and Qualcomm mobile communications.
  • Provides EDI services to our customers.
  • Offers internet access to customer load data.
  • Provides email capabilities to our employees in order to facilitate efficient customer communication.

Our Safety & Human Resources Staff …

  • Provides trained, experienced drivers and owner operators.
  • Provides insurance certificates upon request.
  • Assures that freight will be moved safely and in compliance with all laws and regulations.
  • Efficiently handles and communicates any freight claim issues.