Health and Safety Committee

Health & Safety Committee

Purpose: To provide a safe work place in accordance to company policies and OSHA regulations.

The statutory requirements for these committees are straightforward:

  • The safety committee must hold regularly scheduled meetings
  • Must conduct regular facility walk thru inspections
  • A safety committee member must be a volunteer from each shop and shop office other than management
  • Drivers participation is encouraged
  • There will be a safety coordinator and an alternate

Duties that safety committee members will assume include:

  • Participating in quarterly walk around inspections
  • Training new employees about safe working procedures
  • Safety coordinator will send a monthly 7 - minute safety trainer to each location which will be the main topic for the monthly safety meeting
  • Providing input for creation and enforcement assistance of workplace safety and health rules
  • Presenting safety and health information at regularly scheduled staff meetings
  • Assisting in accident investigations
  • Providing employee safety and health concerns, complaints, and recommendations to supervision and management for improvement and correction

List of the 2018 Safety Committee Members:

  • Laurie MacMillan: Night and Weekend Dispatch
  • TJ Campbell: Dispatch & Customer Service
  • Jon Uekert: VP Refrigerated Operations
  • Jim Elness: Sales
  • Lisa Scharfencamp: Human Resources
  • Pete Schugel: Driver Advocate and IT
  • Sheena Wersal: Shop
  • Robyn Bundy: Safety


Agenda items

J&R Schugel’s Ergonomics Policy:  The Safety Manager is responsible for our Ergonomics Program (Shop, Office & Drivers), and the Health & Safety Committee is responsible for follow-up and general ergonomics awareness.  Resolved was to add ergonomics to our quarterly agenda for general awareness and to make recommendations to update our plan as needed.  

1.      Worksite Analysis (completed, see company intranet for Driver, Washbay & Office)
2.      Hazard Evaluation (completed, company intranet for Driver, Washbay & Office)
3.      Corrective Actions (completed 5/24/18, see company intranet)
4.      Employee Involvement and Training (completed during Employee Orientation, and via H&S Committee minutes published online)
5.      Evaluation (completed 5/24, after consulting with Dr. Nate Neubauer of Neubauer Family Chiropractic)

Other Health and Wellness:  J&R Schugel kicks off our annual 12-week conditioning program for our annual 5K on June 18th.  This year we’ll be using a variety of resources including those from Allina Healthcare & Anytime Fitness, and we may also incorporate a 3rd option from a personal trainer. Fruit & vegetable-infused water as a healthy alternative to sodas is starting up next week for shop, drivers and office workers, and the portable basketball hoop requested by many drivers is being researched. 

Trip Hazards: Discussed identifying and repair of potential trip hazards such as replacing worn vinyl step liners, etc. One general contractor has been unresponsive of late, so several reputable alternatives were identified in order that multiple quotes be solicited so that issues are quickly resolved.

Fire Safety: All workers receive fire extinguisher training during orientation.  Discussed was that fire extinguisher training was required every two years for key office / shop personnel, and every 5 years for drivers.  Fire extinguisher refresher training for drivers will be published via Media Manager over QualCom and also be available during Quarterly Safety Meetings.  Fire extinguisher training for office & shop personnel will be incorporated into our annual fire, weather emergency & evacuation drills for both shifts.  Annual fire extinguisher refresher training for all workers will ensure continued compliance.

Facility Walkaround & Inspection: Lisa S, Jim E, Sheena W, and TJ took a tour of the property.

•        The women’s shower stall door in the upstairs lounge requires replacement.  Since a facility upgrade is pending, decided was to install an interim shower rod, plastic liner & cloth curtain which can be washed or replaced as needed by our maintenance department on a regular basis pending plant upgrades at a later date.  Purchases & repairs were accomplished on Wednesday 5/23.

•        The H&S Committee verified that several items noted during our recent unannounced IWAY audit had been resolved, and TJ took pictures to document continued compliance. Some questions regarding other IWAY audit findings have been escalated for clarification, so a few of the items noted during our recent unannounced audit remain works in progress.

Our next meeting is Wednesday 6/13/18 at 1430 CST.