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J&R Schugel Finishing School for
CDL School Graduates

In order to drive with J&R Schugel Trucking, you will need to acquire your Commercial Drivers Licence from a qualified school. You can apply with us as soon as you are enrolled in a qualifying program!  Qualifying schools with offer courses with 200 hours or more of classroom and behind the wheel instruction. 

 Your next step: transition from CDL school graduate to professional driver.  
J&R Schugel is a trucking company offering a training program for recent CDL graduates.  Most companies require drivers to demonstrate experience before offering them a job.  Now that you have earned a CDL you need to complete your training with a company offering a quality program and a future where you can begin your professional career.   Our instructors follow a specific curriculum focused on continuing to build safe driving habits and professional skills you have been developing during your CDL training which will help you transition from student to professional more quickly and effectively.  You will graduate from the program with professional skills you need to run over the road safely, confidently and profitably -  earning a living you can be proud of. 

When you are behind the wheel, your instructor is working with you.  
We know that some companies throw their students into uncomfortable situations too early.  Some companies will run team freight with their students, not allowing time for training or for dealing with situations that confront drivers.  Inexperienced or untrained drivers sometimes make uninformed decisions, affecting their CSA score with preventable accidents or tickets.  Proper training is the key to being a safe and successful driver.

100-percent focus on learning.  
With your instructor sitting next to you as you drive, you will learn to make the right decisions and avoid making costly, bad decisions.   Our drivers are on duty while you drive, next to you in the passenger seat.   You will run loads designed and planned for a solo driver, allowing time for instruction, trip planning and regular breaks.

Our Men and Women Instructors:
Our instructors are trained to teach a very specific curriculum that ensures you are developing all the you need as a professional driver.  From driving skills to managing your customers, paperwork, logging hours, hometime goals and managing your time over the road.  Each of these plays a role in your success and you will understand how to address them.  We make an extra effort with quality instruction because we feel that a well-organized finishing school experience provides us with safer, satisfied drivers able to meet the real-world challenges of their professional driving career.

No time is so critical as the first couple months as a professional driver. During the four weeks of one-on-one training, our student drivers are prepared with skills to manage their life and career effectively. After graduation, our drivers are assigned their own truck and launch their professional driving careers with an established, employee-owned and career-oriented company.  J&R Schugel has known reputation for safety, excellent, late-model equipment and a driver-friendly atmosphere.




We offer paid training for your new career.

  • 4 weeks of on the job training with a certified instructor.
  • During your training you will earn $525/week.


On graduation to a solo driver, you receive:

  • .42  (.37 + .05 Performance) once tested out of program
  • .43  (.38 + .05 Performance) after 1st month
  • .44  (.39 + .05 Performance) after 2nd month
  • .45  (.40 + .05 Performance) after 3rd month
  • .47  (.42 + .05 Performance) after 6 months


Choose an excellent CDL School -
These are a few of the schools we work with Each of these schools offers high quality traiining with 200 or more hours of classroom, driver course and behind the wheel training.  J&R Schugel knows we can we count on these programs  to prepare you for your new career. 


What to bring to orientation & training:

Orientation: Three daily meals are provided during your orientation at no charge.  We also provide free tranportation and your own room at a nearby hotel.  Following four days of orientation where we cover safe driving, company policies, driving skills, trip planning and providing outstanding service for our customers the students are assigned their trainer and a truck.

The following is a list of the necessary items to bring along for orientation and going out on the road.  We recommend preparing for seven days on the road.  This means getting laundry done at the hotel’s facility and some shopping for last minute items as necessary.  Your recruiter and your trainer can help you decide what you need to bring.  Feel free to ask.   Most things a student will need on the road can be purchased in town during the week.

Do not over pack. Students are usually limited to the space on their bunk and one small closet area. Trucks are small spaces.

On the road: Budget for your training and plan ahead. You will need to bring enough money to sustain yourself. Meals cost about $12.00-$15.00 per day.  Ancillaries, like cigarettes are additional. A skill you are to be demonstrating during your training is the ability and discipline required for managing resources. Your trainer is not funded for your spending or expenses.


Bring enough clothes for ten days sustained travel. This will allow an extra change of clothing if you stop to do laundry every week. You will need to utilize opportunities to use laundry facilities on the road to maintain your clothing.

(10 ) T-shirts, (2) large over shirts, (10) underclothes (10 pr) socks (3) long pants (1) shorts. (1) hat (1) work boots (1) tennis shoes.

Outdoor Clothing:
You will be in different regions of the nation and temperatures can fluctuate from very warm to very cold.  You are expected to carry out all of a driver’s duties including the work outdoors. Warm jacket (weatherproof if possible), (1pr) warm gloves (1pr) work gloves for fueling, maintenance and inspections.  The gray rawhide/denim gloves, about $5.00 a pair, work really well.

You can bring sheets and blankets (twin size) or a sleeping bag. The trucks are temperature-controlled with an APU, so you won’t be subject to entirely unreasonable conditions.

Medications, toiletries, toothbrush & toothpaste. Shower supplies and a small bag to carry them in. (1) towel - showers do supply clean towels and soap. Glasses, sunglasses, motor carrier atlas, flashlight, tire pressure gauge. (You will eventually acquire more tools on your own).

Duffle Bag:
You will want to carry everything in a duffle bag and make an attempt to fit everything into as few bags as possible. Students generally have 1 bunk and 1 closet allocated to them for space. Duffle bags can be found at any general sporting goods/camping store.


How do I get started with becoming a professional driver?

By completing the information form (below) to get you started - or an online application if you are already in school and... you are one step closer to joining the J&R Schugel family!