Health and Safety Committee

Health & Safety Committee

Purpose: To provide a safe work place in accordance to company policies and OSHA regulations.

The statutory requirements for these committees are straightforward:

  • The safety committee must hold regularly scheduled meetings
  • Must conduct regular facility walk thru inspections
  • A safety committee member must be a volunteer from each shop and shop office other than management
  • Drivers participation is encouraged
  • There will be a safety coordinator and an alternate

Duties that safety committee members will assume include:

  • Participating in quarterly walk around inspections
  • Training new employees about safe working procedures
  • Safety coordinator will send a monthly 7 - minute safety trainer to each location which will be the main topic for the monthly safety meeting
  • Providing input for creation and enforcement assistance of workplace safety and health rules
  • Presenting safety and health information at regularly scheduled staff meetings
  • Assisting in accident investigations
  • Providing employee safety and health concerns, complaints, and recommendations to supervision and management for improvement and correction

List of the 2016 Safety Committee Members:

  • Shop Office: Sheena Wersal (Safety Coordinator); Dave Halverson (Safety Coordinator Alternate)
  • Shop: Ryan Boelter & Dave Halverson
  • Operations: Jeff Boettger
  • Management Support: Ryan Boelter (Maintenance Director); Donn Smith (Safety Director); Brian Engholm (Shop); Paul Reinhart (Shop Night Shift Supervisor); Connie Walser (Parts Manager); Tim O'Neil (Operations Manager)


The Health and Safety Committee met on 1/12/16. Ryan Boelter & Donn Smith performed a walk-around to identify deficiencies and follow up on any previous notes. A couple of lights in the tire bay were replaced, and an unlabeled bottle was promptly labeled by a mechanic. A trip hazard (hose) was removed and comments on general housekeeping were made. Donn is investigating panic button installation and system integration. With the HVAC installed, personal space heaters are less prevalent than in years past, though some cold and drafty areas remain especially by reception area. The contractor was called to check and recalibrate the system and there's an issue with the fans circulating air to the office spaces on the first floor. We are happy that drivers and employees alike are making use of the new suggestion boxes to identify discrepancies for quick action and resolution. Drivers are welcome to join the Health & Safety Committee when we meet and we'll continue to invite drivers in the yard to participate if they have time. Drive safe!