Driver Referral Program


The driver you refer must run under J&R Schugel’ s operating authority, as a company driver employee in a J&R Schugel truck or as an independent contractor who is leasing a truck from J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc.

NEW REFERRAL PAY: $1500/hired driver now through October 1st

Referral Tips:

  • Tell family and friends about YOUR experience at J&R Schugel Trucking
  • Talk to other driver’s at truck stops– take PRIDE in your RIDE and show off your truck!
  • Explain J&R Schugel’ s compensation model– endless earning potential with incentive and referral programs
  • Order personalized business cards through recruiting 800.359.0101
  • Opportunity to succeed based on YOU with an 100% Employee Owned Company!

Referral Program Rules:

  • All active J&R Schugel Driver Associates are eligible to receive driver referral pay. The referral and referee must both be active drivers either as a company driver employee or an independent contractor leasing a truck from J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc.
  • To receive referral credit please make sure to contact recruiting with name and number of the referee prior to them orientating at our J&R Schugel Trucking facilities.
  • 50% payout for second seat driver. If referring a student, payout structure is based on student’s test out date not hire date.
  • Driver Associates are responsible for applicable taxes on referral payout.
  • J&R Schugel’ s obligation to the program ceases when the referring or referred party are not longer active drivers at J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc. J&R Schugel Trucking reserves the right to modify the program at any time

Payout Schedule:

  • $500 – 2 weeks after completion of orientation
  • $500- after 30 days
  • $500 – after 90 days

Driver Referral Flyer